Readiness Reviews for new and merging schools

State or state-integrated schools/kura that are new, merged, newly state-integrated or changing their status will have a Readiness Review.


Readiness Reviews are done for the Ministry of Education

We complete Readiness Reviews for the Ministry of Education. The findings are reported directly to the Ministry and are not published by ERO.


We begin the Readiness Review in the year before the school/kura opens

The review usually includes up to four visits over three terms.

The process usually starts in the middle of the year before the school is due to open. It ends at a suitable time, often at the end of the first term after the school has started operating.


What the Ministry is interested in

The Ministry is interested to know:

  • if there are likely to be any significant impediments to the timely opening of the school.
  • whether the school is ready to operate in a way that is consistent with the vision determined by the establishment board.


Who we work with to do the review

We work closely with:

  • the establishment board (EBOT)
  • the governance facilitator
  • local Ministry staff
  • national Ministry staff.

Our reviewers meet with the school’s establishment board, management team, the governance facilitator and staff to determine the school’s readiness to open.


We gather evidence to verify that timely and appropriate steps have been taken to prepare the school to operate effectively

We use the School Evaluation Indicators and the School Self Audit and Assurance Statement to help schools determine readiness and guide what needs to be in place.

Read the School Evaluation Indicators.

Read the School Self Audit and Assurance Statement.

Readiness is generally determined by whether the school is ready to operate effectively under an elected board of trustees.