Social media

The Education Review Office uses Twitter to communicate with people interested in our education evaluation work in New Zealand.


Following ERO on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter: @EducationRevNZ

The official ERO account is @EducationRevNZ. This account is used primarily to share information about job opportunities.

We may follow organisations and individuals of interest to ERO. However, this does not mean we endorse or approve of any of the opinions of accounts we follow.

We may retweet or @mention information from other organisations/individuals that we think could be of interest to our followers. This does not mean we guarantee the accuracy of this information or endorse it.

By sending @replies to the ERO Twitter account you are providing your permission for ERO to use, copy and reproduce your content.

Inappropriate material will be moderated and/or deleted. We will moderate when a tweet is inappropriate, abusive, or mentions personal information that could identify someone else. We have a duty to protect people’s privacy.



The account is monitored during office hours, Monday to Friday. We will not tweet on the weekends unless needed for emergency reasons.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to reply to every tweet or direct message we receive. Helpful suggestions and queries will be passed on to the appropriate staff member within ERO to follow-up.



We welcome feedback from our followers. Or, if you would like to contact us privately please send a direct message or email