Te Ihuwaka | Education Evaluation Centre

We evaluate the performance of the education system, the effectiveness of programmes and interventions, and shine a light on good practice.

Our work helps those in the education system to:

  • understand the performance and quality of education in New Zealand
  • develop the evidence base about what works to improve learning outcomes for all students
  • support education system reform, and evidence informed decision making and improvement in practice
  • reflect and integrate a te ao Māori worldview in the creation, implementation and dissemination of knowledge found through research and evaluation.


We regularly publish research and reports

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Our latest release  

Receiving a quality education, from early childhood education (ECE) through to secondary school, positively affects how well all children and young people do at school and in life – from academic achievement and earning potential to health and wellbeing. Education is even more critical for disabled learners. When disabled learners receive a quality, inclusive education they are more likely to achieve better outcomes, to complete secondary schooling and to go on to further study and employment.

Our most recent research, which includes two reports looking at schools and early childhood education, looks at how well the education system is supporting disabled learners. It found that too many disabled learners are experiencing exclusion - and sets out what changes are needed to improve education for disabled learners so they can thrive. 

Read our latest release. 

Education for disabled learners

We continue to research a range of questions

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We are asking a range of research questions and use our work in schools and services, alongside broader research to:

Understand system performance, Evaluate initiatives - building our understanding of what works, Promote good practice


We hold research seminars about areas impacting New Zealand education

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Who we work with

We work closely with experts, whānau, iwi, and communities to ensure that our work reflects their perspective, the most up-to-date knowledge and appropriate tools and approaches.

We partner with organisations including the Ministry of Education, NZCER and universities to strengthen the evidence base and make better use of data.


For more information

Contact Te Ihuwaka: TeIhuwaka@ero.govt.nz