Tū Toa Hostel - 27 April 2018


The Chief Review Officer under Sections 328E – 328 H of the Education Act 1989 has the authority to review all hostels as long as there are boarders in the hostel from one or more schools where they are enrolled. 


Tū Toa Hostel is located in Aokautere near Palmerston North. This hostel accommodates up to 20 male boarders. The boarders at the hostel all attend Tū Toa - Tai Wānanga. The hostel is owned by the Tū Manawa 2016 Charitable Trust. 


The hostel manager and hostel owner have attested that they have met the requirements of the hostel regulations 2005. 

The Tū Manawa 2016 Charitable Trust took over the governance and management of the Tū Toa Hostel in 2017. It has a specific focus on supporting the holistic wellbeing of each boarder in an environment that promotes and celebrates Māori values and practices. 

The boarders express confidence and trust in hostel staff. They are appreciative of the way they are cared for and value the positive relationships they have with the hostel manager and staff. The positive hostel culture aligns closely with the vision of the Tū Toa - Tai Wānanga “Kia tū, kia ora, kia Māori”.  

Hostel staff and trust board members have a sound working relationship. The board encourages staff to engage in available professional development opportunities.

The trust board members and hostel manager are continuing to develop and refine a policy implementation and review framework to help guide day-to-day decision-making and overall management of the hostel. 

About the hostel

Name of hostel

Tai Wānanga - Tū Toa


Aokautere, Palmerston North

Registration number


Physical address

74 Staces Road

Maximum number of boarders


Boarders at time of review


Age range of boarders

12 – 18 years old

Days of operation

6 Days Term 2 and 3
5 Days Term 1 and 4

Gender composition

Male 19

Ethnic composition


Review team on site

8 March 2018

Date of this report

27 April 2018