Samuel Language Academy - 19 April 2018


The Chief Review Officer under Sections 328E – 328 H of the Education Act 1989 has the authority to review all hostels as long as there are boarders in the hostel from one or more schools where they are enrolled. 


Samuel Language Academy Hostel is located in Karori, Wellington. It accommodates up to 18 boarders, mainly Korean, most of whom attend local schools as international students. At the time of this review, the 13 boarders attending the Samuel Language Academy Hostel are enrolled in the following local schools: Kelburn Normal School, Scots College, Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Wellington College and Wellington East Girls College. The hostel is owned by Sam Lee.  


The hostel manager, who is also the hostel owner, has attested that he has met the requirements of the Hostel Regulations 2005. 

Hostel rules and regulations are framed to provide a safe and secure living environment for boarders. The boarders spoken with told ERO that they feel safe, secure and well fed. The hostel environment supports their school-based learning. 

Hostel policy and practice is not yet fully captured in the English language version of hostel documentation. Much of the hostel guiding documents are written in Korean. The hostel owner acknowledges that documenting and keeping policy up to date with practice, is an area for continuous review and development.

About the hostel

Name of hostel

Samuel Language Academy


Karori, Wellington

Registration number


Physical address

361 Karori Road, Karori

Maximum number of boarders


Boarders at time of review


Age range of boarders

7 years old and over

Days of operation

7 days a week

Gender composition


Ethnic composition

Korean                 12
New Zealand        1

Review team on site

6 March 2018

Date of this report

19 April 2018