Handbook of contractual obligations and undertakings – early childhood services


This Handbook covers relevant legislation and requirements that early learning services and kōhanga reo must follow. Our review officers use this Handbook as part of their review.

This handbook does not represent the official versions of the Acts, regulations and other requirements. We recommend referring to the full legislation and requirements when needed.


Who can use this handbook

This Handbook has sections for each type of early childhood service. Refer to the relevant section for your service.


The Acts, regulations and sources we draw this material from

This Handbook covers content from the following sources. We haven’t always included the full excerpts from the Acts and regulations.

  • Education and Training Act 2020
  • Education Act 1989 (Saving provisions)
  • Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008
  • Children’s Act 2014
  • Food Act 2014
  • Food Regulations 2015