Poutama Reo

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The Poutama Reo framework is a self-evaluation tool to support improvement in te reo Māori provision in English-medium schools.

The framework was informed by the voices of learners, whānau, educators and leaders in English-medium schools and provides clarity and clear next steps on how to build upon what you have in place to maximise impact.


Get started 

  • Download the Poutama Reo Framework: Poutama Reo ERO 21 September 2022.pdf

    Poutama Reo is a 36-page self-review tool to determine where you are currently at, and help you explore next steps.   


  • Download the Poutama Reo Leaders Kit: Poutama Reo Leaders Guide 2023 
    The leaders kit contains tools and resources to support your use of Poutama Reo 


Asked for by educators, tested by educators – to benefit learners.

Feedback from learners, whānau, teachers and school leaders drove the creation of Poutama Reo. In our research Nihinihi Whenua and Te Tāmata Huaroa we heard schools wanted to provide quality te reo Māori learning opportunities, but lacked clarity about how to grow this intention into the results they know their learners deserve. Poutama Reo is designed to provide that clarity.

As you use Poutama Reo you will be guided through the process of creating a te reo Māori improvement plan

The plan will help schools explore key focus areas:

  • leadership,
  • whānau, hapū and iwi relationships
  • student agency
  • teaching and learning.

As you proceed with using the framework, you will discover indicators and examples of effective practice to support you and your school’s goals.

“This is amazing, we have wanted something like this, it’s clear and its progressive and I can already see where we might sit on the Poutama and how we can set goals”
School Leader

A tool to support your goals for children, compliance and your contribution to te reo Māori.

Children: Poutama Reo places all students at the centre, Māori, and non- Māori. Through this process you will highlight student voice, and illuminate the goals whānau, hapū and iwi have for their tamariki. 

Contribution to the revitalisation of te reo Māori: Participants in the Poutama Reo Pilot (2022) indicated that the framework supplied much-needed clarity and guidance for schools and could support transformation school-wide.

Compliance: the insights gathered through the completion of Poutama Reo inform the development of a comprehensive te reo Māori improvement plan. Not only will this help your school in their te reo Māori provision, but it will also support you to meet expectations defined within the Education and Training Act 2020, NELP, and when attesting teachers meet Teaching Council Standards.

Who will benefit from Poutama Reo?

  • Learners 
    The aspirations of learners are key to the Poutama Reo. Schools will gather insights direct from learners to make sure their plan aligns to learner goals. 
  • Whānau
    Poutama Reo clarifies what working with whānau to improve te reo Māori provision can mean with clear examples and progressions.
  • Educators
    Poutama Reo clarifies effective practice with exemplars and indicators.
  • Leaders
    Poutama Reo helps school leadership get on the same page -providing clarity about governance responsibilities, through to providing the way to gather a whole-school view of what is happening and why.


Get started with your te reo Māori improvement plan with Poutama Reo!

  • Read or download Poutama Reo Poutama Reo ERO 21 September 2022.pdf
  • Have questions? Talk to your ERO Evaluation Partner.  
  • Want to talk to your school community about Poutama Reo? Download our Poutama Reo Leaders Guide which contains posters, newsletter inclusions and a reading list to support this mahi. 
  • Have a Poutama Reo success story to share? Reach out to info@ero.govt.nz and tell us about it!