Methodology and Professional Practice

We develop evaluation tools and frameworks for ERO’s reviews, and also develop and support professional development.


We develop frameworks, methodologies and approaches for the review of schools and early learning services

We develop ERO’s frameworks, methodologies and approaches for the review/evaluation of English-medium schools and early learning services.

Read our framework and indicator publications in the How ERO Reviews section of this website.


We produce tools and resources to support education evaluation

We lead professional practice, and the induction and the provision of ongoing learning and development opportunities.

We oversee and support leadership development and develops the tools and resources to support education evaluation.

Read the resources that we have developed in the Our Research section of this website.


Our team

The Methodology and Professional Practice team comprises the Deputy Chief Executive, the Manager Leadership and Professional Practice, the Manager Methodology and three regional Professional Practice Leaders.   

Team members work across ERO in several ways:

  • Focus on leaders and reviewers/evaluators in the implementation of new methodologies.
  • Support individual staff members in post-graduate study and research projects.
  • Maintain external relationships with other government agencies and key national and international research and evaluation agencies to further ERO’s practice and reputation.