The School Self Audit and Assurance Statement: A New Approach


  • The School Self Audit and Assurance Statement (SSAaAS) is a reformatting of the Board Assurance Statement (the BAS) 

  • Our intention is to set up the six sections of the self audit for schools to use as working documents. 

  • In time these will become accessible as online documents, shared between a school and your ERO Evaluation Partner.  

  • There is a different approach for schools entering the Schools: Evaluation for Improvement approach in and beyond Term 3, 2021.  


What’s new for schools starting to work with ERO from Term 3, 2021 and beyond? 

  • As from Term 3 2021, the full self-audit process will be completed in the first six months. This gives your school time to identify and address any areas or to improve practice where necessary. 

  • A public report will be posted on ERO’s website in due course. It is expected that the first of these reports will be towards the end Term 1 beginning of Term 2, 2022.  

  • Your ERO Evaluation Partner is there to help you through this process and to clarify anything that your Board is unsure about. They will also want to verify specific aspects that potentially have a high impact on student safety and wellbeing. 


What remains the same for schools who began working with ERO prior to Term 3, 2021? 

  • Schools can take time to complete the document.  

  • Some elements are colour coded pink and are to be completed in the first six months.  

  • Most can be completed at any stage of the review, for example as part of school cycles of self review.  

  • Each section has a contents list to help navigate your way around the document. 

  • Space for schools to note “further thoughts” are included to encourage its use as a working document. These are accompanied by prompts and general questions. 

  • In time we will develop a cross reference index to allow themes to be tracked within the document, such as all the references to inclusion, or child safety. 


What’s the same for all schools? 

  1. All the questions are referenced to the most recent Board Assurance Statement. That is the source document.  

  2. Schools are asked to answer each question with a Yes/No/Unsure.  

  3. Your Evaluation Partner will follow up key entries that relate to student safety and any questions you have or areas where you have entered “unsure”  

  4. The Board Chair and Principal will be asked to sign the attestation (the Assurance Statement) at the end of the review process.  

  5. All schools will receive a public report on ERO’s website in due course. 


Download the School Self Audit and Assurance Statement

The School Self Audit and Assurance Statement consists of 7 MS Word files. Here are the links to download each of the files.


Request for feedback

We are keen to receive feedback on the new format. Please share this directly with your Evaluation Partner or email comments to ERO