Our research

  • Published: 04 Sep 2017

    Learning leadership

    The team structure in this school supports the professional learning and development of leaders and teachers. Team members discuss their roles, responsibilities and the reciprocal nature of their interactions.

  • Published: 04 Sep 2017

    Learning to learn

    Clarity of expectations within a supportive environment are key to scaffolding children into the behaviours of effective learners. Those expectations are realised through structures and processes that ensure everyone knows what to do to achieve success.

  • Published: 04 Sep 2017

    Whole school buddy system

    At Otumoetai Intermediate, all teachers are engaged in differentiated professional learning and development. Those with similar goals are ‘buddied’ with another staff member.

  • Published: 04 Sep 2017

    The equal of everybody

    Driven by the conviction that everybody can achieve, leaders and teachers seek to overcome barriers to equity and excellence experienced by individual students at McAuley High School.

  • Published: 04 Sep 2017

    Internal evaluation processes

    Evaluation and review are the engine room that drives the improvement agenda forward, involving all within the learning community in an ongoing cycle.

  • Published: 04 Sep 2017

    Student feedback: observing the teacher

    At Otumoetai Intermediate School, Student Learning Leaders learn how to undertake structured classroom observations focused on teaching and learning. The students and staff discuss the process and its impact.

  • Published: 18 Jun 2017

    Day of the long hard look

    Members of a school strategic change leadership team  discuss how a significant drop in the NCEA achievement outcomes of their Māori students, which had been consistently tracking upwards since 2009, created a context that required a critically reflective analysis of both cohort and individual data, alongside a review of the current tracking and monitoring processes and tools.