Pacific Strategy 2019-2022

Cover Pacific Strategy 2019 2022

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ERO's Pacific Strategy contains five goals to deliver success for Pacific learners:
1. Pacific children and young people are lifelong learners and succeeding as culturally-located learners
2. Pacific learners are confident in their languages, cultures and identities
3. Pacific early learning services provide high quality education that reflects the priorities and aspirations of Pacific learners, their parents and communities
4. ERO is a key partner in Pacific-focused education and social sector evaluations across Aotearoa and the Pacific region
5. As an organisation, ERO is competent to deliver on each of the above goals.
This will be achieved by:
  • ensuring that ERO’s evaluations have a deliberate focus on accelerating outcomes for priority learners. Early learning services and schools will be required to be explicit about the strategies they are adopting to address internal variation of outcomes to ensure Pacific learners are receiving a high quality education
  • publishing a series of case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of strategies and practices that promote and foster high quality outcomes for Pacific learners, while remaining strong in their own distinctive cultural identities
  • working closely, through targeted approaches such as Turnaround and Longitudinal reviews, with those providers with large Pacific learner populations who continuously face challenges providing a high quality education
  • strategically contributing to the Government’s long-term goals by establishing national and regional partnerships to improve educational and wellbeing outcomes for Pacific learners
  • anchoring our cross-cutting evaluative capability and capacity, so ERO is better prepared for Pacific-focused evaluations in Aotearoa and the Pacific region.