Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Tracking for success – Kerikeri high School

It’s all about knowing the student and being able to co-construct with the student... looking forward and being agentic; ‘So where are we going to go together now?

A deputy principal describes the process the school leaders went through to develop electronic systems and processes to track student academic success. The principal describes how the tracking tool alerted school leaders when students were at risk of not achieving and led them to consider ways to ensure students had further opportunities to succeed.

The multiple ways the teachers and leaders responded to students who needed extra support to gain NCEA credits is described.

This video illustrates 

Domain 2: Leadership for equity and excellence

Evaluation indicator

  • Leadership builds collective capacity to do evaluation and inquiry for sustained improvement

Key content

  • The school improved their view of the junior school to better inform how students were arriving at NCEA 
  • The new tools provided a progressive and projected view of individual achievement enabling earlier and more targeted support
  • Staff, students, family and whānau responded to the improved view of progress with a focused intent to ‘make a difference’ where it was needed most

Things to think about

  • How can we improve our responsiveness to student achievement data?