Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Stewardship: working relationships - Invercargill Middle School

It’s not just stopping because we reached what we need to reach. It is how do we keep going forward with that? How do we keep improving?

The way in which school trustees and leaders work together fosters an appreciative and respectful environment that acknowledges the contributions of everyone in the learning community.

This video illustrates

Domain 1: Stewardship

Evaluation indicators

  • The board scrutinises the effectiveness of the school in achieving valued student outcomes
  • The board actively represents and serves the school and education community in it’s stewardship role
  • The board evaluates how effectively it is fulfilling the stewardship role with which it has been entrusted

Key content

  • Trustees, leaders and teachers have a shared commitment to ongoing improvement of outcomes
  • Expectations, practices and processes are well understood
  • The board, management and staff are clear about their respective roles and responsibilities
  • Communication is frequent within a climate that encourages feedback
  • Acknowledgement of individual contributions is inclusive and well communicated

Things to think about

  • How do you develop and maintain the constructive and collaborative conditions that support ongoing improvement? 
  • What else might you do together?