Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Stewardship: Strategic resourcing - Manurewa Central School

What I’m trying to do is give these children every facility, every resource, every opportunity that any other child in New Zealand has.

Careful financial management over many years has enabled the provision of high quality facilities and resources that enhance the school environment and learning opportunities available to students and their families and whanau and the community. 

This video illustrates

Domain 1: Stewardship

Evaluation indicator

  • The board scrutinises the effectiveness of the school in achieving valued student outcomes 

Key content

  • Equity and opportunity is a stated objective of expenditure
  • A prudent approach to expenditure is taken to optimise costs and benefits
  • Investing in quality can provide a better long term return on investment 

Things to think about

  • How do you ensure resources are strategically used to support equity and excellence?