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Stewardship: Informed decision making - Manurewa Central

We are not only able to see the report, we are able to ask the hard questions.

The relationship between the principal and trustees is described in terms of how trust and confidence is built through effective listening and transparent reporting, interrogation and discussion of information.

This video illustrates

Domain 1: Stewardship

Evaluation indicator

  • The board scrutinises the effectiveness of the school in achieving valued student outcomes

Key content

  • The principal and board chair meet frequently to share and discuss issues
  • Issues for consideration at board meetings are accompanied by a range of solutions and possible options
  • The information sitting behind reports and recommendations is available for scrutiny
  • Confidence comes from being able to ask the hard questions and seek clarification and justification

Things to think about

  • What processes have you in place to ensure the effectiveness of board decision making in the interests of learner outcomes?