Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Professional learning – McAuley High School

There is a lot of opportunity to have robust discussions.

Professional learning reflects the approach that has been established for students. Learning is differentiated with multiple opportunities for engagement and structure in manageable steps.

This video illustrates

Domain 5: Professional capability and collective capacity

Evaluation indicators

  • A strategic and coherent approach to human resource management builds professional capability and collective capacity
  • Organisational structures, processes and practices enable and sustain collaborative learning and decision making

Key content

  • Professional learning is differentiated and flexible  and teachers set their own pace
  • Faculties determine their own direction and report outcomes to senior management
  • Leaders and teachers work in cross curricula professional learning groups with those who have similar teaching as inquiry goals
  • Opportunities are created for ‘robust discussions‘ between staff

Things to think about

  • How well do organisational processes support professional learning opportunities in your school?
  • What else might be considered?
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