Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Professional inquiry – McAuley High School

If it’s a true inquiry it’s a robust inquiry.

Inquiry is at the heart of what drives improvement and innovation at this secondary school.

This video illustrates

Domain 6: Evaluation Inquiry and knowledge building for improvement and innovation

Evaluation indicators

  • Collective capacity to do and use evaluation, inquiry and knowledge building sustains improvement and innovation
  • Coherent organisational conditions promote evaluation, inquiry and knowledge building

This video also illustrates

Domain 5: Professional capability and collective capacity

Evaluation indicator

  • Systematic, collaborative inquiry processes and challenging professional learning opportunities align with the school vision, values, goals and targets

Key content

  • Everyone including the principal has an inquiry to undertake throughout the year
  • Individuals having selected their area of inquiry investigate different strategies and gather evidence of impact including student voice and observation reports
  • At the end of each year inquiry findings are presented to the principal and next years inquiry is set. Individual results will also inform the direction of department or school wide professional development
  • Effective inquiries are those that are ‘robust’, sufficiently challenging that approaches may fail or the inquiry require modifying in light of results
  • The ‘freedom to fail’ is what make the cycle of inquiry worth while
  • Staff support one another within a collegial environment where everyone understands they have something to improve

Things to think about

  • How does professional inquiry in your setting contribute to teacher capability and learner outcomes?
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