Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Learning centred relationships: reading together - Manurewa Central School

The things that we share are easy. They are practical, sustainable practices that build strong families.

This school has implemented the Reading Together programme for many years. Leadership sees the value of the programme in building strong learning relationships with family and whanau and supporting emerging literacy.

This video illustrates

Domain 3: Educationally powerful connections and relationships

Evaluation indicators

  • Student learning at home is actively promoted through the provision of relevant learning opportunities, resources and support
  • Communication supports and strengthens reciprocal learning-centred relationships
  • Community collaborations enrich opportunities for students to become confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners

Key content

  • The focus of the Reading Together workshops enhances relationships between home and school, and within families, between parent and child
  • The programme provides families with strategies for conversations with children about their learning
  • Students’ reading improves significantly as parents and whānau learn how to actively support their children’s learning
  • Leadership involvement gives the programme status
  • Parents and whānau are able to participate in their children’s education journey

Things to think about

  • What kind of learning opportunities do you provide to enable parents and whānau to actively support their children’s learning?
  • What else might you do?