A guide to learning in a Covid-19 world - Supporting early childhood learners into 2021

Supporting early childhood education into 2021 COVER

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We know that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on you, your early childhood education service and other services across NZ. In 2020, you had to deal with new challenges and develop innovative ways to support your children.

Last year was tough and you had to go above and beyond to meet the needs of your children and whānau. With this being said, the impacts of Covid-19 are likely to still be felt this year – and ERO would like to help you to support your children during this difficult time.

To do this, we talked to leaders and kaiako in a wide range of services in 2020 to find out about the challenges they had to overcome in responding to Covid-19 and the lessons learnt in supporting children, parents, whānau, and kaiako. From talking to everyone, we have produced an in-depth report on the impact of Covid-19 on early childhood education. This short guide for early childhood education leaders and kaiako draws from the full report to help you:

  • understand the impact of Covid-19 on early childhood education
  • share strategies adopted by services to respond to Covid-19
  • identify practical actions for you and your service to consider to continue to support children, parents, whānau, and staff in a Covid-19 world.

We hope you find this guide useful to reflect how far you have come in responding to Covid-19 and to provide you with some ideas about what you could do to support your service in 2021.