Regulation Minister announces regulatory sector review into early childhood education  

Regulation Minister, David Seymour, has confirmed there will be a regulatory sector review into early childhood education. The way early childhood education is currently regulated is complex, with multiple and potentially conflicting regulatory systems, and it’s getting in the way of progress. 

The Ministry for Regulation will conduct a comprehensive regulatory sector review into early childhood education to assess whether regulations are achieving appropriate outcomes for the sector and are improving outcomes for our children.  

The review will be a thorough examination of how the Government regulates early childhood education across education, health, safety, child protection, food safety, buildings, and workplaces within the early childhood sector.  

The review will not cover funding settings for the ECE sector.  


How to participate  

The Ministry for Regulation will use a range of engagement methods to ensure all stakeholders, including ECE business owners, the Ministry of Education, unions, child advocacy organisations, research bodies, the ECE workforce, and parents and caregivers can participate.  


Stay informed and involved: 


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