Ngākōroa School

Ngākōroa School

Te Ara Huarau | School Profile Report 


This Profile Report was written within six months of the Education Review Office and Ngākōroa School working in Te Ara Huarau, an improvement evaluation approach used in most English Medium State and State Integrated Schools. For more information about Te Ara Huarau see ERO’s website.


Ngākōroa School is in Auranga, South Auckland and provides education for students in Years 0 to 8. The school opened in Term 1, 2022 at a temporary campus, before moving to the permanent site ready for Term 1 2023. 

The school’s local curriculum and culture are grounded in the cultural narrative, giving context to the vision: Kawea te Mātauranga ki te Whaiao ki Te Ao Marama, Bringing Learning to Life. The three values of Mātauranga (Knowledge and Wisdom), Manawanui (Having a Big Heart) and Kaitiakitanga (Protecting all things special to us), provide the framework for both the curriculum and the school’s strategic goals.

A new principal, one of the founding deputy principals, has been appointed to start in Term 1 2024.

Ngākōroa School’s strategic priorities for improving outcomes for learners are:

  • a cohesive local curriculum supports high achievement and is applied seamlessly across the school
  • ongoing and shared commitment to building and maintaining a strong learning culture
  • school and community are empowered to look after (protect) the things that make us unique.

You can find a copy of the school’s strategic and annual plan on Ngākōroa School’s website.

ERO and the school are working together to evaluate how effectively the school’s approaches to reading, writing and mathematics ensure equitable and excellent outcomes for all ākonga

The rationale for selecting this evaluation is the school is still in the early stages of implementing its local curriculum. With a steadily growing roll, ākonga are arriving to the school with diverse backgrounds and needs. This is reflected in the achievement data. Staff at the school have high expectations of all ākonga and are committed to ensuring all ākonga achieve equitable and excellent outcomes.

The school expects to see teaching and learning which promotes:

  • equitable achievement outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics for all ākonga 
  • high percentages of ākonga achieving at or above curriculum expectations in reading, writing and mathematics
  • accelerated progress for those ākonga identified in proximity (priority) learner groups 
  • ākonga taking increasing responsibility for the part they play in the learning process.


The school can draw from the following strengths to support its goal to evaluate the effectiveness of its approaches to reading, writing and mathematics:

  • an inclusive, learner focused culture and a responsive localised curriculum 
  • continuously evaluating and improving processes to strengthen the impacts of teaching on the learning and achievement of all ākonga 
  • leadership consistently prioritises and plans for school improvement and for equitable and excellent outcomes.

Where to next?

Moving forward, the school will prioritise: 

  • continuing to build on its strong foundations, embedding and expanding existing systems and practices in response to roll growth
  • strengthening learning-centred whānau partnerships and engagement
  • responding to specific needs in reading, writing and mathematics through professional learning.

ERO’s role will be to support the school in its evaluation for improvement cycle to improve outcomes for all learners. ERO will support the school in reporting their progress to the community. The next public report on ERO’s website will be a Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report and is due within three years. 

Shelley Booysen
Director of Schools

8 February 2024 

About the School

The Education Counts website provides further information about the school’s student population, student engagement and student achievement.

Ngākōroa School hosts a satellite class from Parkside School.

Ngākōroa School

Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report ​2023​ to ​2026​  

As of ​November 2023​, the ​Ngākōroa School​ Board has attested to the following regulatory and legislative requirements: 

Board Administration 




Management of Health, Safety and Welfare 


Personnel Management 






Further Information 

For further information please contact the ​Ngākōroa School​ Board. 

The next School Board assurance that it is meeting regulatory and legislative requirements will be reported, along with the Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report, within three years. 

Information on ERO’s role and process in this review can be found on the Education Review Office website. 

​Shelley Booysen​ 
​Director of Schools​ 

​8 February 2024​   

About the School  

The Education Counts website provides further information about the school’s student population, student engagement and student achievement.