Little Seed Early Learning Centre

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Education and Care Service
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27 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga, Auckland

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ERO’s Akanuku | Assurance Review reports provide information about whether a service meets and maintains regulatory standards. Further information about Akanuku | Assurance Reviews is included at the end of this report.

ERO’s Judgement

Regulatory standards

ERO’s judgement



Premises and facilities


Health and safety


Governance, management and administration


Since the onsite visit the service has provided ERO with evidence that shows it has addressed non-compliances and is now taking reasonable steps to meet regulatory standards.


Little Seed Early Learning Centre is one of two privately owned services governed by two directors, one of whom is a qualified teacher. She leads a team of three qualified teachers and four unqualified staff. A small number of children enrolled are Māori. This is the first ERO review of the service since it opened in 2019.

Summary of Review Findings

The curriculum is consistent with Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum. It is informed by assessment, planning, and evaluation that demonstrate teachers’ understanding of children’s learning and their interests. There are a range of experiences and opportunities to enhance children’s learning. The philosophy acknowledges Māori as tangata whenua. It respects the right of each child to be confident in their own culture and encourages children to understand and respect other cultures. An annual plan guides the service's operation.

Service leaders must monitor that all policies and procedures are consistently implemented.

Actions for Compliance

Since the onsite visit the service has provided ERO with evidence that shows it has addressed the following non-compliances:

  • Implementing safe practices around nappy change facilities (HS3).
  • Ensuring heavy furniture, fixtures, and equipment that could fall or topple and cause serious injury or damage are secured (HS6).
  • Ensuring that adults providing education and care carry out relevant emergency drills with children on an at least a three-monthly basis (HS8).
  • Ensuring premises and facilities are checked every day of operation for hazards to children (HS12).
  • Maintaining a record of excursions that includes evidence of parental permission from all parents prior to the excursion taking place (HS17).
  • Obtaining written permission from parents prior to children travelling in a motor vehicle (HS18).
  • Promoting best practice as set out by the Ministry of Health: reducing food related choking for babies and young children at early learning services and providing to all parents at time of enrolment a copy of the Ministry of Health guidelines (HS22).
  • Ensuring medicines are disposed of or sent home with a parent after the specified time (HS28).
  • Providing information to parents about the amount and details of expenditure of any Ministry of Education funding received by the service (GMA3).
  • Implementing processes for human resource management that include a definition of serious misconduct and discipline/dismissal procedures (GMA7).
  • Ensuring all children’s workers who have access to children are safety checked in accordance with the Children’s Act 2014 (GMA7A).

Next ERO Review

The next ERO review is likely to be an Akarangi | Quality Evaluation.

Phil Cowie

Acting Director Review and Improvement Services (Northern)

Northern Region | Te Tai Raki

30 September 2021 

Information About the Service

Early Childhood Service Name

Little Seed Early Learning Centre

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Pakuranga, Auckland

Service type

Education and care service

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43 children, including up to 20 aged under 2

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Ethnic composition

Māori 3, NZ European/Pākehā 10, Chinese 6, other ethnic groups 6

Review team on site

July 2021

Date of this report

30 September 2021

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First ERO review of the service