Appendix 1: Research in developing thinking on the key competencies

This appendix contains the research and theoretical development of the four phases of working with the KCs identified by NZCER (McDowall & Hipkins, 2018).

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Two research projects furthered the integration of key competencies and learning area content: the Key Competencies and Effective Pedagogy project, which was funded by the Ministry, focused on the integration of key competencies and learning area content; and the Nature of Science (NOS) research, which was also funded by the Ministry, which defined five science capabilities students need to be informed citizens.
  • A third research project (Bolstad et al., 2013) investigated New Zealand students’ international capabilities. This project also looked into how key competencies could be assessed.

Phase 4

  • In 2014, NZCER published Key Competencies for the Future, which explored the current and potential role of key competencies for giving students the skills to thrive in an uncertain future.
  • Key competencies were investigated in several National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA) reports. This included an exploration of the ways different aspects of key competencies and learning area content were woven together.