The Education Review Office (ERO) independently reviews and reports on the quality of education in schools and early childhood services. The focus of ERO’s reviews in early childhood services is on the capacity of the service to promote positive learning outcomes, with the purpose of contributing to improved wellbeing and learning for all children.

He Pou Tātaki provides resources for both ERO and services to use during reviews. The information contained within this document reflects ERO’s commitment to the provision of high quality early childhood education for all children in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Framework and Resources for Early Childhood Education Reviews was first published in 2002. This 2013 publication explains ERO’s review methodology that has been developed in response to research and developments in the early childhood sector, as well as to changes in ERO’s own practices.

In 2004 ERO published Evaluation Indicators for Education Reviews in Early Childhood Services. The indicators have been significantly updated to reflect current research, theory and practice in early childhood education. The indicators are integral to the new review methodology and are therefore incorporated into this document rather than published separately.

The methodology is the result of collaborative work between ERO staff and those who are active in the education sector—highlighting ERO’s goal of maintaining a positive and productive relationship with early childhood services and the broader education community.

Separate review procedures are available for, private kura and schools, kōhanga reo and Te Aho Matua kura kaupapa Māori. The 2002 procedures are used for reviews in home-based education and care services, and hospital-based education and care services. All documents are on ERO’s website or can be requested from an ERO office.

Diana Anderson

Chief Review Officer (Acting)

July 2013