Appendix 1: Evaluative rubric

Domain Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good
Leadership Lack of leadership commitment to bullying prevention. Lack of whole school vision/approach

Leadership commitment to bullying prevention and wellbeing, whole school approach is espoused, perhaps some pockets of inconsistency

Strong commitment by leaders to bullying prevention and wellbeing, and to monitoring and evaluation of approach, whole school approach consistently evident

Documentation, policies, procedures

Lack of documented polices/procedures or policies minimally evident in practice

Effective and supportive policies and procedures, mostly evident in practice

Effective and supportive policies and procedures, very coherent and evident in practice

School Climate and Culture

Negative school climate, many students don’t feel safe, high incidence of bullying

Mostly positive school climate including for diverse students, most students feel a sense of belonging / inclusion

Positive and supportive school climate for all students, diversity valued
Universal Approach/Curriculum/Pedagogy

Inconsistent messaging or lack of explicit teaching of social/emotional skills and resilience

Some social/emotional learning and teaching of resilience

Social/emotional learning and explicit teaching of resilience across the curriculum

Targeted support

Lack of targeted support, unknown where to target

School knows where to target more intensive support and mostly does so

Well planned and targeted support

Lack of whānau involvement

Whānau involvement in response to incidents but not or little in prevention

School proactively involves whānau in both prevention and response

Data collection, use and evaluation

No systematic monitoring or evaluation, school staff unaware of extent of bullying

Some monitoring of bullying and some evaluation of practice but limited data sources

Robust monitoring and evaluation drawing on a range of data sources


No recent relevant staff capability building or PLD

Some recent relevant staff capability building and PLD

Well planned and targeted staff capability building/PLD linked to approach

Student leadership, agency and voice Lack of student input, mismatch between staff and student perception of bullying prevalence and student roles Students have some input into bullying prevention and response, students feel listened to, some opportunities for student leadership Students are heard, exercise agency and leadership, school supportive of student led initiatives
Overall Judgement To a limited extent To some extent To a great extent