Questions we are asking

We are building the evidence base through asking questions about:

  • The performance of the education system
  • How well initiatives work
  • What is good practice


Understanding system performance

How well is the education system performing?

We are undertaking research that explores the performance of the education system and how it is delivering for different children over time. This project provides an opportunity for schools to help us explore how education can be improved for New Zealand learners. It is also designed to help participating schools by providing them with insights into their schools.

What is the quality of education provision for disabled learners? 

We are looking at how well disabled learners are faring in our education system and the quality and inclusivity of education provision for them. We will be identifying if there are actions that can lead to improved outcomes for disabled learners and real life examples of where practice is working well, and why.

How do we strengthen teaching of te reo Māori?

Our previous reports have identified the need for clear guidance about what effective teaching of te reo Māori in English-medium looks like. Te Ihuwaka and Te Pou Mataaho | Evaluation and Research Māori are looking at what are the key components of a quality teaching of te reo Māori in English-medium.  

Initiatives – building our understanding of what works

How does the counselling in schools programme get to the students who need more support?

Government has funded a new programme that aims to help students with wellbeing needs access counselling from community providers.  Over the next three years we will be looking at how this programme gets support to the students who are most in need.

How is cohort entry impacting new entrants’ transition to school?

Recently, the government changed the law to allow schools to have a cohort entry policy, where five-year-olds can only start school one of eight days a year.  We are looking at how cohort entry impacts five-year-olds' learning and experience of starting school.