Questions we are asking

We are building the evidence base through asking questions about:

  • The performance of the education system
  • How well initiatives work
  • What is good practice


How can schools manage behaviour in the classroom?

Responding to increased concerns about behaviour after Covid-19, this work will look at how schools manage behaviours and what practices are most effective. It will also explore the impact of standdowns and exclusions, and highlight what the evidence shows are more effective practices.

How can we improve early language and literacy skills?

Looking in ECE and the first-year of school, this work will look at how we can improve early language and literacy skills. This work responds to concerns about the impact of Covid-19 disruptions on oral language development.

How well does the counselling in primary schools programme support students?

In 2020, Government funded a new programme to help primary school students access counselling. Over three years we are looking at how this programme gets support to the students who are most in need and the impact it has on their outcomes.

How well prepared for teaching are first-time teachers, and how well supported are they?

Newly qualified teachers are a key part of the education workforce. How well prepared they are and the support they receive to enable them to succeed is important for all schools and students. This report will look at what helps newly qualified teachers thrive.

How is the implementation of the new histories and social sciences curriculum going? 

This work will gather insights from the implementation of Aotearoa New Zealand Histories and the broader Te Ao Tangata | Social Sciences learning areas to inform future implementation of Te Mātaiaho | the refreshed curriculum.