Questions we are asking

We are building the evidence base through asking questions about:

  • The performance of the education system
  • How well initiatives work
  • What is good practice



Understanding system performance

How well is the education system performing?

We are building a baseline of data that will enable us to understand assessment the performance of the education system and how this is changing over time.


How do we strengthen teaching of te reo Māori?

Our previous reports have identified the need for clear guidance about what effective teaching of te reo Māori in English-medium looks like. We are looking at what are the key components of a quality teaching of te reo Māori in English-medium.


How well does the system deliver education outcomes for children in Oranga Tamariki residential care?

We are undertaking an in-depth evaluation of the education provided in Oranga Tamariki residential settings, the outcomes it achieves and the education experiences of these highly vulnerable children and young people.


How do we support quality Pacific bilingual provision?

Our previous reports have identified the need for more support for Pacific bi-lingual provision. We are looking at what are the key components of a quality for Pacific bi-lingual education.


Why has attendance been declining among primary aged students and how do you tackle it?

This research will identify what might be causing children to attend school less regularly and what the main drivers are of the decline in attendance since 2015 and what are the practices that can help schools to improve attendance in their school.


What approaches can be used to measure the performance of education systems?  

The review will identify good practices used by international groups, such as the OECD, UNESCO and the World Bank, and compare and contrast these approaches with what individual countries do to measure education performance at a system level.



Initiatives – building our understanding of what works

How does access to counselling in primary schools support learners’ outcomes?

We continue to look at effective initiatives to support student wellbeing. As part of this, we are evaluating the impact of counselling for primary school students.


What works in supporting senior secondary students post lockdown/disruptions?

We are undertaking rapid work to evaluate the impact of the additional support put in place for Auckland NCEA students following the Auckland lockdown. This will inform responses to future lockdowns or similarly significant disruptions.


What is the effect of students starting school as a cohort on students, whānau and teachers?

We will be working with schools that have adopted cohort entry to understand why they have chosen cohort entry and the impact it has had.



Promoting good practice

What does an education Community of Practice look like and how does it work?

We are building the evidence base about collaboration. As part of this we have worked alongside the Kahukura Community of Practice in Christchurch to capture the key elements of their model of learning networks as an example to other schools.