Colwill School 13/06/2011

3 Curriculum

How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote and support student learning?

Colwill School’s curriculum is becoming increasingly effective in promoting and supporting student achievement. Noteworthy developments are:

  • high quality school curriculum plans that have been developed in consultation with the school community and that are in line with the vision, values and aims of The New Zealand Curriculum
  • priority given to literacy and numeracy and to integrating other learning areas, such as science, into literacy and numeracy programmes
  • emphasis given to the arts and physical activity and the selection of learning contexts that are relevant to the students
  • guidelines that support teachers be effective in the classroom.

Another significant development is the re-organisation of the school into Year 1-8 whānau groups at the beginning of 2011. Whānau groupings:

  • increase opportunities for students to have supportive tuakana/teina learning relationships across year levels
  • enhance the inclusive, family-like nature of the school
  • support teachers to work in teams to share their professional knowledge and skills and improve their classroom teaching
  • provide whānau team leaders with opportunities for leadership and facilitate monitoring of the delivery of the school curriculum.

School leaders recognise the importance of on-going curriculum review and development to lift the quality of teaching, accelerate student progress and raise student achievement. They acknowledge the potential for Māori and Pacific perspectives to be integrated more into the school’s curriculum. They know that the next steps for teachers are to make greater use of student assessment information to inform their teaching programmes and to enable students to become more independent and capable learners.

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