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14 March 2011

To the Parents and Community of Topkids Manuroa Rd C3

These are the findings of the Education Review Office’s latest report on Topkids Manuroa Rd C3.

Topkids Manuroa C3, formerly known as Young Horizons, is one of two licensed centres located in the Titoki building on the Topkids Manuroa Road site. The C3 centre provides for children under two years of age in the nursery room, and for children up to three-and-a-half years of age in the toddler room. Older children are catered for in the C4 centre in this building. The four centres in the Manuroa complex operate as part of the Kidicorp organisation, which provides comprehensive frameworks and guidance for centre operations.

Since ERO’s 2008 review, a new manager has been appointed for the two centres. Good progress has been made in improving the environment and strengthening self‑review and programme management practices. Teaching teams are well qualified. Kidicorp management plans and robust annual quality audits have contributed to these improvements. Ongoing teacher support and professional development assist teachers to continually improve programmes for children.

The learning environment is underpinned by caring relationships, effective partnerships with families, and a calm, settled and inclusive atmosphere. The centre is spacious and attractive, and offers discrete, inviting and well-resourced areas of play. Positive features of the centre are the extent to which children’s independence is fostered, and very good provision for language development and literacy learning. Teachers are becoming increasingly skilled in their interactions with children and provide good support for children’s learning. Children and their families demonstrate a sense of security and belonging in the centre.

Next steps for teachers are to enrich the existing programmes for children, include promoting cooperative and social interactions amongst children, and continuing to embed the use of te reo and tikanga Māori in the programme. Managers and ERO agree that more in-depth evaluation of teaching practice should result in ongoing programme improvements. With the support of managers, the teaching team is well placed to continue working towards increasing the depth and rigor of their self review, and consolidating and expanding recent centre developments.

Future Action

ERO is likely to review the service again within three years.

When ERO has reviewed an early childhood centre we encourage management to inform their community of any follow up action they plan to take. You should talk to the management or contact person if you have any questions about this evaluation, the full ERO report or their future intentions.

If you would like a copy of the full report, please contact the centre or see the ERO website,

Richard Thornton
National Manager Review Services
Northern Region


About ERO

ERO is an independent, external evaluation agency that undertakes reviews of schools and early childhood services throughout New Zealand.

About ERO Reviews

ERO follows a set of standard procedures to conduct reviews. The purpose of each review is to:

  • improve quality of education for children in early childhood centres; and
  • provide information to parents, communities and the Government.

Reviews are intended to focus on outcomes for children and build on each centre’s self review.

Review Focus

ERO’s framework for reviewing and reporting is based on four review strands.

  • Quality of Education – including the quality of the programme provided for children, the quality of the learning environment and the quality of the interactions between staff and children and how these impact on outcomes for children.
  • Additional Review Priorities – other aspects of the operation of a centre, may be included in the review. ERO will not include this strand in all reviews.
  • National Evaluation Topics – This strand contributes to the development of education policies and their effective implementation. The information from this strand is aggregated by ERO for its national evaluation reports. Topics for investigation are changed regularly to provide up-to-date information.
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements – assurance that this centre has taken all reasonable steps to meet legal requirements.

Review Coverage

ERO reviews do not cover every aspect of centre performance and each ERO report may cover different issues. The aim is to provide information on aspects that are central to positive outcomes for children and useful to this centre.

Review Recommendations

Most ERO reports include recommendations for improvement. A recommendation on a particular issue does not necessarily mean that a centre is performing poorly in relation to that issue. There is no direct link between the number of recommendations in this report and the overall performance of this centre.


Individual ERO school and early childhood centre reports are public information and may be copied or sent electronically. However, the Education Review Office can guarantee only the authenticity of original documents which have been obtained in hard copy directly from either the local ERO office or ERO Corporate Office in Wellington. Please consult your telephone book, or see the ERO web page,, for ERO office addresses.

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