Nor Western Cook Islands Early Childhood 05/04/2012

5 April 2012

To the Parents and Community of Nor Western Cook Islands Early Childhood

This supplementary review evaluates the quality of education and care received by the children and the performance of the centre’s management in relation to specific terms of reference.

The Education Review Office [ERO] evaluation of Nor Western Cook Islands Early Childhood follows.

Nor Western Cook Islands Early Childhood in Ranui, West Auckland caters for children under five years old, with a focus on promoting the language, culture and identity of Kuki Airani (Cook Island Māori). It operates under the Nor Western Cook Islands Taokotai Incorporated Society.

The 2010 and 2011 ERO reviews reported a number of issues preventing the centre from making effective progress. Since the last review, centre managers have made very little progress in addressing these issues. Delays in addressing issues identified concerning aspects of governance and management of the centre, continue to impact negatively on the day to day operation of the centre. At the time of this review, the centre was without a licensee. Personnel issues have affected staff morale and hindered the establishment of an effective and proactive leadership team.

As reported in the 2010 and 2011 ERO reports, many of the systems that teachers and managers are using continue to be in early development stages. During the past year, the centre has employed external support to provide professional development for teachers and for managers. Teachers have begun to implement positive strategies in their interactions with children and are improving their skills. Although teachers have taken on board some strategies in professional discussions, progress is slow.

Children play cooperatively in pairs and groups. They are also confident to play independently. Teachers relate well with children and promote Cook Island cultural values. Some teachers use Kuki Airani (Cook Islands Māori) where appropriate. The centre environment is well resourced and allows for good indoor outdoor flow. It supports children to play and learn from activities of their own choice.

As in the last report, ERO is not able to verify improvements to operational systems. There are also some health and safety practices that need to be improved.

Future Action

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education prioritise the relicensing of Nor Western Cook Islands Early Childhood and assess the centre’s compliance with the 2008 regulations and applicable licensing criteria. ERO will not undertake a further education review of this service until the Ministry is satisfied that the service meets licensing requirements.

When ERO has reviewed an early childhood centre we encourage management to inform their community of any follow-up action they plan to do. You should talk to the management or licensee if you have any questions about this evaluation, the full ERO report or their future intentions.

If you would like a copy of the full report, please contact the centre or see the ERO website,

Makere Smith
National Manager Review Services
Northern Region (Acting)


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