Ngati Hamua TKR 17/07/2009

The Education Review Office (ERO) Evaluation

This report has been prepared in accordance with standard procedures approved by the Chief Review Officer.

Te Kōhanga Reo o Ngāti Hamua is an urban kōhanga based in Masterton. The kōhanga is actively supported by kaumātua, who have been members of the whānau since it was established.

The whānau chose Mana Reo and Mana Atua as focus areas for this review. Kuia speak about Mana Atua and Mana Reo as a way of helping to develop children's sense of belonging and knowledge of whakapapa. Whānau identify both as priorities for their children's learning. Kaimahi are still developing a sound understanding of Mana Atua and Mana Reo based on the founding principles of kōhanga reo.

Children benefit from a well resourced kōhanga. The building is designed to cater for large and small group learning spaces. Children under two years old have a separate space that is warm and inviting. There is easy visual access to all areas. Resources provided enable children to engage in play that promotes exploration, creativity and problem solving. Outdoors has been carefully designed to challenge children. It is well maintained and attractive.

Many of the kaimahi are new to the kōhanga this year. The quality of their practice in care and education varies. They are supported daily by a long serving kuia, who has good knowledge of the kōhanga history and principles. Kaimahi in the under twos programme have limited te reo Māori capability and do not engage in meaningful conversations with children. Children's profiles contain useful information, however, kaimahi do not analyse or use their observations to plan programmes that are based on children's interests.

The kōhanga is managed by the whānau and the kaiwhakahaere has day to day responsibility for operational decisions. Whānau attend meetings regularly and participate in planning for the future of the kōhanga. The strategic plan is yet to be reviewed and an annual plan with priorities has not been developed. Self review is not well understood and developed by whānau.

Future Action

ERO intends to return to the kōhanga within 24 months to evaluate the progress made in response to the recommendations in this report.

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