Eketahuna & District Playcentre 16/07/2012

16 July 2012

To the Parents and Community of Eketahuna and District Playcentre

This supplementary review evaluates the quality of education and care received by the children and the performance of the centre’s management in relation to specific terms of reference.

The Education Review Office [ERO] evaluation of Eketahuna and District Playcentre follows.

Eketahuna and Districts Playcentre is one of seven parent-led centres that operate under the umbrella of the Wairarapa Playcentre Association (the association). Since the 2010 ERO review, playcentre sessions have reduced from three to two, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Parents are aware of the need for ongoing training and development as children and their families move through playcentre and onto school. This report notes improvements in parent participation to improve children’s learning and development.

Warm relationships, shared expectations, positive guidance and good humour contribute to an environment where children are confident to participate and explore. Children have many opportunities to develop language and mathematical concepts as well as problem-solving skills. Parents have identified the need to continue to seek ways to develop their own skills to support and extend children’s learning.

Parents continue to undertake playcentre training as well as collaborating to plan learning programmes. A range of initiatives supports increased parental participation. A new system for session evaluation encourages their regular involvement in thinking about learning. Guidelines for writing learning stories are beginning to help parents understand and contribute to assessment practices.

Playcentre coordinators continue to support parents to understand management roles and responsibilities. The association has revised playcentre management guidelines though these are yet to be widely distributed for discussion.

Self review is in the early stage of development. Playcentre personnel have introduced a process for spontaneous self review. Strategic planning is less well‑developed.

Playcentre personnel and ERO agree that ongoing training and support in each of these areas is necessary to further enhance children’s learning and development.

Future Action

ERO will review the service again as part of the regular review cycle.

When ERO has reviewed an early childhood centre we encourage management to inform their community of any follow-up action they plan to do. You should talk to the management or licensee if you have any questions about this evaluation, the full ERO report or their future intentions.

If you would like a copy of the full report, please contact the centre or see the ERO website,

Joyce Gebbie
Acting National Manager Review Services
Central Region


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