Evaluation Indicators for School Reviews

Ko te tamaiti te pūtake o te kaupapa

The child – the heart of the matter

The Education Review Office independently evaluates the quality of education in schools and early childhood services and reports on these publicly with the aim of improving the achievement of all students. The evaluative questions, prompts and indicators in this booklet are for evaluations in schools.

Evaluation indicators are a tool used to inform the judgements that ERO review officers make when conducting these evaluations. While ERO recognises that many factors outside school influence student success, the focus here is on what we know about what schools, school leaders and teachers contribute to student engagement, progress and achievement. The indicators are based on the good practice dimensions that have been shown to contribute to student engagement, progress and achievement. By clearly outlining the dimensions and indicators of good practice, ERO is also making the review process transparent and providing a tool to assist schools to build their own evaluation capacity.

ERO first introduced evaluation indicators in 2003. These were always seen as a “work in progress” to be amended as their use was evaluated and new theory and research came to light. This revision builds on the original indicators while taking account of current research, including ERO national evaluations, and accepted good practice. It also aligns with new government and ERO directions for the future.

This printing follows our consultation in 2010 and incorporates comments and suggestions from teachers, principals, boards of trustees and others in the education sector.

These revised indicators have been a collaborative work between ERO staff and stakeholders, a venture which highlights ERO’s goal of maintaining a positive and productive evaluation relationship with schools and the broader education community.

Companion evaluation indicators are available for early childhood education services, Kōhanga Reo, and Te Aho Matua Kura Kaupapa Māori. All documents can be obtained from an ERO office or from the ERO website

Dr Graham Stoop

Chief Review Officer

March 2011

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