Secondary Schools and Alternative Education (April 2011) 30/05/2011

Next steps

Many secondary schools that place students in AE need to make a significant shift in their approach to AE.

In order to ensure that all enrolling schools are actively supporting the students they place in AE ERO is currently considering how it will evaluate schools and AE in the future.

ERO recommends that:

  • Boards of Trustees use the findings, indicators and conclusions of this evaluation, in combination with their own self review, to improve how they help all students succeed at school
  • all enrolling schools adhere to the AE guidelines prepared by the Ministry of Education
  • all enrolling schools should review the effectiveness of their support for students they place in AE
  • the Ministry of Education held all relevant staff to understand the importance of the AE guidelines and work with schools to ensure these guidelines are implemented
  • the Ministry provide more guidance to enrolling schools about how they can assist students to enter and exit from AE.

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